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I started my career in broadcast in 1999 as an engineer with BBC Radio Devon looking after two studio centres in Exeter and Plymouth as well as Radio Cornwall's site in Truro. I also looked after both station's outside broadcasts. In the short time I was with them, I learnt a huge amount, especially how to work on a budget, fault find and think creatively on the fly with minimal equipment.

In January 2000, I secured a place on a very sought after Broadcast Technical Operator's training scheme with BBC Cymru Wales in Cardiff, which gave training in sound, cameras, vision, lighting, editing, dubbing and PSC. Although I specialised in sound at the end of the two year scheme, the background knowledge was invaluable and gave me an understanding of other department's operations and issues, something I still find very useful today. 


With a desire to work on higher profile shows, I moved to The London Studios in 2002 as a studio floor sound assistant. Here I worked on some of the largest studio shows with some off the most experienced crew.

However, I felt the control room beckoning so in 2004 I moved to BBC Resources (as it was in those days) as a grams operator at Television Centre. This gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the best supervisors in the business and as a result of this, I was promoted to sound supervisor in 2008.


With the closure of Television Centre in 2013, I decided to take the plunge and enter the freelance market, something I have never regretted. Since starting my company, Audio Design Inspiration Ltd, I have supervised a huge number of shows at all the major studio centres as well as with all the leading OB companies. I have also been lucky enough to travel extensively for major sporting events and am comfortable planning and operating a facility from scratch, something that is becoming more and more common. 

I am fully conversant with all major manufacturers sound desks and comms equipment. I also have a good working relationship with all the leading Post Production houses and am able to supply everything they need to make their audio workflow as fast and hassle free as possible.

My crews are always formed of the best floor assistants and grams operators in the business and we have built up a great working relationship over the years, knowing exactly how we all work. 

I am easy going, friendly, calm under pressure and a team player, not one of the obstructive sound people from the past! I will always work with production to ensure we achieve their vision within budget. 

I currently live in Surrey with my wife, two young sons and our dog, Gizmo. 

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